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January 27, 2021 2 min read

As a mom, nothing is worse than watching your child curl up in agony or mope on the couch because of a stomach ache. You would normally use your mommy super powers to bandage a boo-boo, kiss a bruise, or give a hug to your sulky little one. But with a tummy ache, you generally feel powerless against the enemy.

Not anymore! All natural heat therapy could just be the secret weapon you need to get your little one on the mend. And what better way to apply heat than with Keep>Going First Aid Kit’s all-new Lil’ Toasty? This heatable plush animal isn’t just cute, it’s also your first step to relieving your child’s bellyache. Here are just a few reasons why turning up the heat will turn down the pain.

It Soothes

Ever wrap yourself in a warm blanket after a long day and feel so much better? The soothing effect of heat isn’t just for stress, it’s also for physical pain. When your child experiences a tummy ache, they’re likely to tense up and stress out over the discomfort.

When you apply heat, it soothes your child and allows them to feel more at peace, which also makes the pain less intense, even if it hasn’t completely dissipated just yet. Your Lil’ Toasty are filled with all natural clay beads that keep the heat after just a few second in the microwave.


Along with soothing the mind, this heatable plush animal allows ensures your child can relax their muscles. Stomach cramps are likely to accompany a bellyache but they’re no match for the heat therapy provided by your cute Lil’ Toasty.

When your little one’s body experiences discomfort, their pain receptors might go crazy. Heat relaxes the muscles and may even shut these receptors down for a period of time. Hopefully just enough time for your child to start feeling better.


Even though you’re a supermom who can tackle anything, sometimes a stomach ache just has to run its course. In the meantime, your cuddly Lil’ Toasty can be just what’s needed to distract your child from the discomfort and grumbles going on inside their belly.

When you hand over this cute elephant, unicorn, sloth, or koala heatable plush animal, it’s sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. They are not only filled with all-natural clay beads but also with real French lavender, a soothing scent that may also distract your child from their belly issues until they start to feel better.

Now that you’re armed with the powerful heat from this heatable plush animal, you have a safe and effective way to fight against your child’s bellyache. Lil’ Toastys are Designed to Help by soothing, relaxing, and distracting your little one from their aches and pains.


Benefits of Heat Therapy with Lavender