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September 21, 2021 2 min read

Whether you're out on a family hike or you're exploring a theme park, proper footwear is key. But even if you spent your entire monthly latte fund on name-brand outdoor shoes for your little one, they could still get blisters.

New shoes may need to be worn in before they fit correctly, and proper fit is key to avoiding blisters. Also, sweat, sand, or other irritants can get into shoes and cause painful blisters. As long as you have your trusty KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag, you have everything you need to treat your child's blisters and send them back to the fun.

1. Keep It in Tact

A blister is usually formed from skin friction. A friction blister is a liquid-filled, small, puffy, and painful area that can develop anywhere. They're likely to develop on your child's heels or toes when they're running, jumping, and playing in shoes.

It's tempting to pop the blister, but this can cause more pain and might lead to infection. Instead, remove your child's shoes and socks and grab your personal First Aid Kit.

2. Cover It Up

The best way to ensure you don't pop the blister when you're out and about is to cover it up. That cute First Aid Kit in your bag isn't just for show. It includes moleskin and premium bandages that are great for protecting blisters. Use your scissors and make sure it covers the entire blister and is applied securely. 

"Moleskin" is a densely woven cotton fabric with a brushed surface that looks like the fur of a mole (but is not made with animal skin!). 

If you're dealing with a monster-sized blister, you may need to use the extra-large bandages in your KEEP>GOING compact First Aid Kit. With a two- by four-inch circumference, these bandages are sure to cover up the entire sore spot and protect it from additional irritation.

3. Keep Checking It

After you apply a bandage from your travel size First Aid Kit, your child will be ready to rock. Take a quick peek at the blister every few hours as your little one is on the go. If they're super active, it's still possible the blister could pop.

If you notice the blister popped, don't panic. It's nothing the triple antibiotic ointment from your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag can't handle. Apply the ointment using the cotton-tip applicator. Then, replace the bandage with a fresh one, especially if there's fluid on the surface.

Your child's feet should be fully recovered in a few days but keep an eye on the blister to ensure it doesn't become infected. The KEEP>GOING personal First Aid Kit is Designed to Help. With this compact First Aid Kit in your bag, you can treat your child's blister on the go, avoiding infection and unnecessary pain. Way to go, Super Mom!