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December 22, 2020 2 min read

It happens in an instant – Your child is getting too close to those big fireworks or a touch to the top of a sparkler and a scream alerts you that this little touch might have led to a bigger problem: a burn.

If you have your KEEP>GOING personal First Aid Kit tucked in your bag, you have everything you need to stop the tears, prevent scarring, and send your child off smiling. Here are the steps you should follow to treat a minor burn.

Step 1: Cool the Burn and Calm Your Child Down

Not only do burns hurt, they’re also relatively shocking and unexpected. Your child is probably more in shock about what happened than in pain. If possible hold the burned area under cool (not cold) running water or apply cool wet compresses. Hand them the colorful kids’ stickers in your cute First Aid Kit so they’ll stop focusing on this stressful situation.

Step 2: Remove Clothing, Jewelry, and Other Items From the Area

As your child is distracted, it’s the perfect time to remove any clothing or accessories that are in the vicinity of the burn. One simple touch from any of these items will cause another bout of pain so clearing this area is crucial. You’ll also need these things out of your way so you can begin treating the burn in a sterile environment.

Step 3: Apply Antibiotic Ointment

Grab the premium antibiotic ointment in your Keep>Going compact First Aid Kit and apply a bit to the burned area. Your child’s skin is sensitive so it’s important to gently spread the ointment around, ensuring the affected skin is adequately covered.

Step 4: Apply Gauze or a Bandage

Observe the size of the burned area on your child’s skin to determine whether a bandage is large enough or if you’ll need to wrap it in gauze. It’s important that the entire affected area is covered so it isn’t exposed to the sun, which can make it blister. Covering the area also ensures no dirt can get in and cause an infection.

Step 5: Keep It Covered

While the burn heals, it’s crucial to keep it covered with clean gauze or a bandage. This will prevent infection and keep it out of the sun, which can make things worse. After thoroughly washing the area, continue applying antibiotic ointment before putting on a fresh dressing each day. This will keep the wound clean and sanitary as it heals.

In case the burn forms a blister, do not pop it! 

For minor first-degree burns, it typically takes six days until you’ll start to see the wound heal. If it doesn’t seem to be healing properly, it gets worse, or it begins to swell, take your child to a doctor for additional treatment.