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May 23, 2024 2 min read

Hey there, SuperMom! 

We are in full summer mode now. The kids are home and the opportunity for fun is around every corner! It takes a lot of work, patience  and SuperMom superpowers (every Mom has those!) to pull off an active summer day with minimum bumps, pre-nap meltdowns, or tears. Being parents of 4, we’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way on how to make life a little easier and keep kids happy all summer long. Here are some of our favorite hacks! 

Left foot, right foot… 

Whether you’re sprinting out the door to get to soccer camp on time or preparing to leave the beach before it rains, we’ve all sat and watched our kids – who adamantly insist on doing it themselves – put their shoes on the wrong feet. We are all for children doing and learning things themselves, and we have a hack to help them out! In everyKEEP>GOING First Aid Kit we include a fun set of animal stickers. Have your child pick their favorite, cut it in half and put one half inside their shoes on the heel facing up! That way they can match them up and they’ll always have the correct shoe on the correct foot. 



Always be ready to go!

When adventure strikes, sometimes we just want to go, go, go! Who has time to scramble looking for the bug spray or the goggles or the First Aid Kit when the sun is shining? Save yourself some time – and stress! – by packing an always ready to-go tote bag to keep by your front door. Some items we recommend keeping in your bag are an extra bathing suit, sunscreen, insect repellent, non-perishable snacks (our kids love applesauce pouches, seaweed and cliff bars !), clean socks, a couple small toys, and of course, aKEEP>GOING First Aid GoKit, our compact, 130 piece fan favorite!

Your #1 helper: a laundry basket. 

One of the best things you can do as a busy parent on the go is keep a laundry basket in your car. You can use this for many things like carrying toys and towels to the beach, holding wet bathing suits during the ride home, bringing in multiple bags of groceries at once and much more!Pro tip: Make sure you get the kind with lots of holes, so you can shake sand out before putting it in your car. 

Stay safe and KEEP>HAVING FUN! Be sure to bring your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit with you and tag us on social media if you try any of these hacks! Like this blog? Follow us on Instagram at@keepgoingfirstaid and like us onFacebook for tips and more! 


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picture credit: Instagram @gizweezy