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July 14, 2022 3 min read

Kids and dogs can make the cutest viral videos, but it’s not always giggles and wagging tails. Anything can happen when you mix dogs with children. Minor dog bites may occur if the roughhousing gets out of control or if a dog begins to feel threatened or annoyed by a child.

As the SuperMom that you are, you can try to prevent a dog bite by only allowing your child to play with dogs that have proven to have a tolerance for children. Never involve food or toys in these interactions and always supervise the time your child spends with animals.

If a dog bite does occur, it can be a traumatizing and painful event for a child. First, secure the dog and move the child away from the situation. Next, pull out your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag and follow these steps to treat the injury.

  1. Stop the bleeding.

If the dog got a good grip on your child, it’s likely its teeth broke your little one’s skin. Use the gauze in your KEEP>GOING compact First Aid Kit to apply pressure to the wound. If it simply won’t stop bleeding, you may need to use the tourniquet in your SuperKit and seek medical treatment immediately. However, if the wound isn’t severe, a few seconds of pressure should slow or stop the blood flow.

  1. Clean the wound.

Infection is common with dog bites, since dogs may have bacteria on their teeth and in their mouths. If the dog did break your child’s skin, it’s crucial to clean the wound ASAP. Once you’ve slowed the bleeding, wash the wound with soap and water if possible. If clean water is not accessible, use the non-sting antiseptic cleaning wipes and reach for the triple antibiotic ointment both included in your family First Aid Kit. Apply a thin layer of ointment, covering the entire affected area.

  1. Cover it up.

Now that you’ve slowed the bleeding and cleaned the wound, it’s time to dress it. Consider the size of the wound and choose a bandage from the assorted sizes in your KEEP>GOING compact First Aid Kit.

If the wound is large or oddly shaped, it may be beneficial to use the gauze and First Aid tape to cover the wound. Not only is a dressing helpful in preventing infection, it also reduces exposure to air, which may decrease the pain associated with the wound.

  1. Keep watching.

If the dog bite led to deep puncture wounds, your child may need stitches, so you should consider heading to the ER or urgent care. If your child suffered a dog bite that broke the skin, it’s generally a good idea to visit your doctor as well. Your little one may be put on antibiotics just to ensure an infection doesn’t set in and cause more problems.

If you don’t know the dog that bit your child or it was a stray dog, seek medical treatment immediately. There’s a small chance that the dog may have rabies, which can be transferred to your little one through the bite. Keep observing the wound and if you notice pus, redness, color changes, or worsening pain, it’s time to head in for treatment.

Your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit was Designed to Help! No matter where a dog bite occurs, if you have your kid friendly First Aid Kit with you, you’re equipped with everything you need to treat the injury on the spot.