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August 22, 2022 2 min read

If your child is happiest when romping in the woods, it’s important to add “tick bite treatment” to your Super Mom arsenal. These nasty little insects can burrow into your child’s skin, causing irritation and redness, or even some scary diseases, such as Lyme disease.

If you’re prepared for these sneaky little creatures with the tools in your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag, you can send your child off to frolic in the forest without worry. Learn more about ticks and how to remove a tick using your personal First Aid Kit’s specially designed tick removal tool.

When should I Worry About Ticks?

There are tons of premium items in your cute First Aid Kit that come in handy but you’re more likely to grab for your tick removal tool from April to October. These are the months when the U.S. is at the highest risk for ticks.

These tiny invasive insects love warm and wet weather, making the spring, summer, and early fall the riskiest for tick encounters. If your region is experiencing a relatively warm and wet season, keep your eyes peeled for ticks on your child after a play session.

How Do I Spot a Tick?

A tick’s most annoying magic trick is that they’re hard to spot. They’re so small that you may skim right over them when inspecting your child’s skin. Get the tick removal tool from your compact First Aid Kit ready for action and examine every inch of your child’s skin in an area with bright lighting.

You’re looking for a tiny black or brown dot that protrudes from the skin. A burrowed tick is easily mistaken for a mole or freckle so keep your eyes peeled and take your time.

How Do I Remove a Tick?

Your KEEP>GOING travel First Aid Kit comes with two different sized tick removal tools to help you save your child from these blood-thirsty creatures. If you see a tick, choose the removal tool that best fits the size of the insect. Slide the fork end of the tool toward the tick until it is caught between the pongs.

Lift the tool very slowly and rotate in either direction several (2-3) turns. You will fell when the tick has released its mouth part and it is safe to pull up. Inspect the area to make sure all parts of the tick (including the head) are removed from the skin. Ticks are surprisingly resilient so you’ll need to dispose of it carefully to ensure it doesn’t crawl back onto your child and cause more harm.

Your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag is Designed to Help so you won’t have to fret over these insects lurking in the woods. With your premium tick removal tool in hand, a little burrowed tick is no match for your mommy super powers!

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