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February 17, 2022 3 min read

Nothing beats the smile on your child’s face when you bring them a candy bar from the grocery store. As a SuperMom, screeches of excitement are music to your ears on Christmas morning when your little one sees all the presents under the tree. The exaggeratedly fierce hug your grateful child gives a brand-new stuffed animal is another touching scene you’ll keep in your memory bank for years to come.

It’s only natural to enjoy gift-giving and the excitement it brings to your child. However, according to Gary Chapman in The Five Love Languages of Children, there are other powerful and fulfilling ways to show your love without spending a dime.


Hugs, kisses, and pats on the back are a way to reinforce your love. These special moments of affection don’t need to be planned. For example, if your child just scraped their knee, while you’re applying the antibiotic ointment and kid-friendly bandage from your KEEP>GOING compact First Aid Kit, take a moment for a hair tussle, hug, or hand hold. While saying “I love you” is a distinct way to communicate your feelings, sometimes showing love is even more powerful.


Affirming words are influential and have the ability to boost your child’s confidence and allow them to create warm memories that can last forever. A simple “I’m proud of you” or “I care about you” can go a long way for your child, whether they’ve just been injured at the playground, they’re getting ready to perform in a piano recital, or they’re walking into a new school.


As a SuperMom, you probably have a full plate and a busy schedule. It’s easy to rush through life, shuffling from soccer practice to the playground to a classmate’s birthday party. Taking some time to have conversations and to connect with your child is a deep and profound way to show your love. Take a moment over lunch, in the car, or on a park bench to spend quality time with your child and it’s sure to be a day they’ll remember forever.


We said no gifts! That’s true. However, thoughtful gifts are an important and useful way to show you love and care. Instead of a giant and expensive teddy bear, consider the gift of a lunch date at your child’s favorite restaurant. Instead of a new coloring book, sit with your child and allow them to choose their favorite sticker from your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit. Your child may associate touching memories with these small gifts, making them a meaningful extension of your love.


As a SuperMom, you may feel like you’re constantly “serving” your child. While it may seem that these acts of service aren’t appreciated, your child is taking notes. Whether you’re applying an anti-sting ointment from your kid friendly First Aid Kit onto a bug bite or you’re cutting the crust off a PB&J sandwich, your service demonstrates your deep love for your child. They’ll remember what you did for them and how it made them feel.

Kids are intuitive and sensitive, so using a combination of these strategies will ensure you child feels the love and creates sweet and caring memories with you and the family. You don’t need to pull out your wallet to show the love! Embrace the small moments and you’ll create a loving and positive environment for your little one.