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February 24, 2022 2 min read

In the kitchen, you scrape the last bits of mac and cheese into the trash and begin rinsing the dishes from lunch. Suddenly, you hear a thud and the gut-wrenching cry of your toddler. Oh no! Does this mean the entire rest of your Wednesday is ruined? It’s only 11:42 a.m.! Don’t panic…you’re a SuperMom! With your superpowers (and your trusty KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit), you can quickly save the day.

It is scientifically proven, that hugs and other forms of physical soothing, like hand-holding and head stroking, intervene at the physical level to help the brain and the body calm down from overwhelming states of anxiety, panic and shame.

As a SuperMom, you have a TLC superpower that will perfectly complement the healing properties of the ointments, wipes and bandages in your First Aid Kit bag. Here are just a few ways you can use the power of TLC to stop your toddler’s tears and bring back the laughter.

Your magical touch.

A tumble from the tricycle? A fall from the swings? The incidents that cause scrapes, cuts, and bruises can be terrifying. Sometimes, in addition to a cute bandage your child simply needs a caring and loving touch. While you hold a unicorn-shaped Lil Chilly ice packon your child’s sore spot to reduce swelling, a simple hair tussle or stroke of the cheek may be exactly what brings a smile back to their tear-streaked face.

Your healing kisses.

Bee stings, mosquito bites, and sunburn are painful ailments that can be enough to send your little one into a tantrum. Grab your compact First Aid Kitand reach for the variety of ointments and sting relief pad you need to stop the pain. Also, don’t forget about the fun included children’s stickers as a perfect distraction from the pain, itch, or burn. Add a few kisses on the irritated area and they are sure to make your child forget about the pain and get back to playing.

Your restorative cuddles.

Everyone loves a hug, especially your child when they’ve just experienced an injury. Once your little one’s bumps and bruises have been addressed by the premium First Aid Kit items in your KEEP>GOING GoKit or SuperKit, take a moment for some cuddles. A quiet moment with you, their SuperMom, will calm your child’s mind and help them forget about the incident. For a truly restorative cuddle session, heat up a cute Lil Toastys microwaveable stuffed animal and add even more warmth to your embrace.

Injuries can be traumatic for kids. But you can turn these unnerving situations into fond memories with a lot of TLC and some kids friendly first aid items. 

With your compact First Aid Kit in your bag, you have all the tools you need to make sure your child starts healing quickly from any minor injuries they encounter. Pair these premium First Aid Kit items with your SuperMom-level TLC and you’ll have your child smiling and laughing in no time!