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March 01, 2024 2 min read

St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday to celebrate.

With friends and family getting together, you can expect fast-moving children running from inside to outside, upstairs to downstairs, kitchen to playroom, like they are chasing a pot of gold. In all this commotion and excitement, there are bound to be a few minor roughhousing injuries.

But this time, you’re armed with your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag, ready to tackle any tears or pouts that come your way. Check out these common boo-boos and find out how your personal First Aid Kit will ensure these minor injuries don’t interrupt holiday playtime.


An intense game of tag or capture the flag can send little fingers flying, which may result in a fingernail scratch or two. Get your kid back in the game fast by pulling out your cute First Aid Kit. For small wounds always remember 1-2-3:




Clean with an antiseptic non-sting-no-tears cleaning wipe, treat by applying a thin layer of antibiotic cream to the wound and protect the wound by letting your child choose the kid’s bandage they want. Once it’s secured, they’ll be ready to get back to playing and excited to show off that fun bandage.


When two kids suddenly bump their heads, it can be more of a shock than an injury. After some comforting and hugs, and a cool ice pack for the bump, distract them with colorful kids’ stickers from your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit. Once they pick out their favorite stickers, they’ll forget all about that little head bump and get back to running, jumping, and giggling. Not sure if it is something more serious, check out our blog post on head injuries!



Finger injuries are never fun and a sprained finger is bound to bring on some tears. Help relieve the pain with the finger splint in your compact First Aid Kit. Set the hurt finger in the splint, then use medical tape to hold it in place. Not only is the finger set and the pain gone, it’s also protected from another injury.

With just a few minutes and a few items from your personal First Aid Kit, you can magically stop the tears after an incident and send your kids back to chasing that pot of gold.

Your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit was designed to help get your child back to the holiday fun!


The Pepper Family at KEEP>GOING First Aid 


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