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April 07, 2021 2 min read

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 564,000 children are seen in hospitals throughout the country each year for brain-related injuries. Whether it’s an abrupt meeting with the kitchen counter, a fall from the slide, or an unsuccessful jump from the stairs, head bumps are a common injury for children.

As a mom, the scream or cry your child lets out after a head bump can be terrifying. If you know how to treat and assess the injury, you’ll feel more prepared the next time your little one gets hurt.

Brush up on your SuperMom powers by learning how to relieve the pain of a head bump and what to observe when determining if professional medical treatment is needed.

How to Treat a Head Bump

You hear the undeniable “thunk” of your child’s head against a hard surface. Then, the inevitable cry. Once you comfort your child, it’s time to assess the situation. You should be observing a few things about your child’s head:

  1. How tender is the area to the touch?
  2. Do you see any inflammation or swelling?
  3. Is there any blood?

If the area seems extremely tender, you’ll need to treat it gently. Even if you don’t observe any swelling right after the incident, it’s possible that inflammation will occur within the next few minutes or hours.

You may already know that cold can help to numb the pain associated with an injury and can also reduce inflammation and swelling. Your KEEP>GOING Lil’ Chillys are perfect for this occasion!

These kids ice packs are cute, cold, and small so your child will have no problem holding one onto the affected area. Apply these cute ice packs to the area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, every hour or so to reduce inflammation and curb pain.

If there’s blood in the injured area, pull out your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag and get to work. Clean the area if possible and apply antibiotic cream to prevent infection, then cover it with a bandage or gauze. If the cut looks deep, your child may need stitches.

When to Get Professional Treatment 

Head bumps can turn into serious injuries rather quickly, so it’s important to continue observing your child closely. If your little one lost consciousness or is suffering from vision problems, seek medical treatment immediately.

You should also take your child in for treatment ASAP if you notice:

  • Memory loss.

  • Blood or fluid draining from the eyes, ears, or nose.

  • Vomiting.

  • A sudden change in mood, behavior, sleep patterns, or personality.

  • Irregular heart rate or breathing.

    As a mom, you have a built-in sixth sense. If you have a gut feeling your child may have a head injury from that bump, it’s better to be safe than sorry and seek professional treatment.

    Head bumps happen all the time but your KEEP>GOING Lil’ Chillys were Designed to Help! Harness the power of these cute cold packs to soothe your little one and get them back on their feet in no time.



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