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April 14, 2021 2 min read

The unexpected sight of blood can be enough to freak you (and your child) out! Bloody noses are common in children and are generally just the result of nasal irritation. But watching blood gush from your child’s nostrils can still be upsetting for both of you.

As a SuperMom, stopping your child’s bloody nose ASAP becomes your top priority as soon as you see that first drop. Even if you have access to a wadded-up tissue, this method sometimes just isn’t effective.

With a KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag in hand, you’re ready to take on the challenge. Master the following technique for stopping a bloody nose and you’ll stay cool, calm, and collected the next time you see that infamous red drip.

  1. Lean your child’s head forward.

It’s common to want to tip your child’s head back to stop the nose bleed. No one likes the sight of blood, so keeping it in the nose seems like the best solution.

While it may not feel natural, the best thing you can do is lean your little one’s head forward at the first sign of a bloody nose. As the blood flows, it needs somewhere to go and it’s best to let it exit the body than head back down the nasal passage.

Situate your child in a comfortable spot, preferably outside and away from other people. Let your little one lean their head forward, allowing the blood to drain out and onto the ground.

  1. Insert nose plugs.

Your KEEP>GOING GoKit or SuperKithas the secret weapon you need when dealing with a traumatic bloody nose: nose plugs. These little plugs were specifically designed to stop the bleeding quickly.

With nose plugs in your family First Aid Kit, gone are the days of gross, bloody tissue mounds. This clean and effective solution will have your child back to laughing and playing in no time.

With your child’s head still tilted forward, take out the nose plugs from your compact First Aid Kit. Gently insert one plug into each of your little one’s nostrils, keeping your child calm and still.

The plugs will expand and absorb the blood, allowing the irritated spot to clot faster. When the blood stops dripping, slowly and gently remove the nose plugs and throw them away.

  1. Bring back the smiles.

Bloody noses are never fun and taking a break from a good time to address the situation may make your child frustrated. Bring back the smiles and let your little one recover from this dramatic hassle by busting out the fun, colorful stickers in your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag.

This little distraction is all you need to keep your child still as the nose plugs work their magic. Then, they’ll be ready to join their friends on the playground and show off their new stickers.

Your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit is Designed to Help and your bloody nose crisis can be less traumatic and easily solved with the premium items in this kit. Stop the bleeding and let your child get back to playing by following this method the next time you spot a bloody nose.


GoKit First Aid Kit with Nosebleed Plugs