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January 26, 2023 3 min read

Hi there! 

Welcome back to our cozy corner of the internet. How has your New Year been? Our family of 6 is finally starting to get back into the swing of things after the busy holiday season!

In honor of the month of love (is what we call February) we want to talk about our two favorite remedies for aches and pains: heat therapy and mom’s love. There is nothing worse than seeing your child hurt, and it can often be scary for you and them, especially when if they are young, so we are always looking for ways to make them feelcomforted andcomfortable

Warm compresses can help aid in many ailments. It’s been suggested that heat can help shut or calm pain receptors down. The soothing temperature helps to relax the body, while also targeting stiff joints, sore muscles, muscle spasms, swelling and inflammation. 

Heat can also relieve bellyaches. While a cut or bump is something we can see and tend to pretty easily, internal aches are harder to fix and can often leave us parents feeling helpless. 

The next time your child is sick with a muscles or tummy ache, try applying a gentle warm compress, like an adorable Lil’ Toasty. These super soft, microwavable and kid-friendly plush animals can help soothe, relax and distract your child. When a child is in physical distress, they will most likely tense up, causing more pain. Placing an all natural Lil’ Toasty to the area will ease the tension, allowing their body to soften and the pain to lessen, without having to give out pain killers ordealing withboiling hot water bottles. It This will help aid in relaxing their mind, further loosening tense muscles that could be contributing to stomach cramps or backed up bowel movements. 

Now, as we all know from experience, sometimes we just have to ride out these kinds of aches and pains, but regardless of if they have a sore leg or a sick belly, a sweet stuffed plush animal can bring them comfort during a not-so-fun time.Bonus: Our heatable plush animals are filled with clay beads and dried lavender, which is known for its ability to sooth and calmcreate a relaxing, warm atmosphere! 

When we say a mother’s hug is powerful, we aren’t playing! Of course, we know that physical touch is extremely crucial for infants, and a parent's embrace can become a great source of comfort and healing for a child even as they grow up. It’s human nature! According to researchers at Penn Medicine, hugs can increase oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormone, which is released when we’re feeling “warm fuzzies,'' moments of closeness and connection with others, or when forming trust and bonds. Hugs can also decrease cortisol levels, the hormone that secretes when we are stressed, so hug those stress hormones away! Increased oxytocin and decreased stress unite to help your child relax, feel safe and feel better. 

Grab your lil’ Valentine and a Lil’ Toasty for a warm, pain relieving, feel-good cuddle sesh the next time they’re feeling down and let us know how it helped!

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