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December 29, 2022 3 min read

Hi there, Antje (sounds like “aunt-tia” - it’s a German name) here, founder of KEEP>GOING First Aid and mom of 4. Since starting this small business, it’s been our passion to create useful products for busy, on-the-go moms. My husband James and I have always been huge travel bugs, forever planning our next trip. When we had children, it was very important to us that they grow up able to see the world and explore as much as possible! We now have 4 fun-loving, adventurous kids, Nellie (9), Ben (7), Jax (3), and Mona (1), who we plan an exciting yet thoughtful travel itinerary around. Throughout our years of adventuring as a family of 6, we’ve learned a lot about what every parent should have on hand in the face of unexpected bumps and bruises, which is the exact reason we started KEEP>GOING First Aid. We want to provide families with a compact yet robust, travel-friendly First Aid Kit that includes more than the status quo items. While our kits pack the classics such as gauze, tape and triple antibiotic ointment, we include a few out-of-the-box items that will help ensure you’re prepared for anything that comes your way!

Butterfly Bandages

Almost all children – and adults! – bump their heads from time to time and head injuries can bleed, A LOT. To help slow the bleeding and close the wound, butterfly bandages work 10x better than regular bandages. They act as a form of stitches to keep the wound closed! They can be found in our SuperKitsGoKits and MiniKits. Disclaimer: While butterfly bandages can assist in closing small wounds, large and deep wounds that won’t stop bleeding should be addressed by a medical professional immediately. 

Metal Tweezers

When we first started looking into First Aid Kits for our family, it shocked us to see that not many First Aid Kits provide a set of sturdy, metal tweezers. If at all, the standard Kits only have (rather useless) plastic tweezers. Two extremely common injuries for children are splinters and falls on the ground. Our niece got a nasty splinter while we were on a hike in Maine and thankfully we had our GoKit on us! That’s one reason why we’ve included tweezers, to help remove splinters or any debris from wounds which can reduce infection and support optimal healing. We’ve included sturdy metal tweezers in our SuperKitsGoKits and MiniKits.

Tick Remover

We’re an outdoorsy family. Running through grass, climbing trees and hiking through the woods is kind of our thing. That said, these activities present the risk of getting bit by a tick. These parasites cause painful bites, burrowing their teeth in the skin, causing removal to be a somewhat difficult process if the right tools aren’t on hand. They also carry Lyme disease, so the immediate removal of ticks is super important. We included 2 tick removers in our SuperKits and GoKits, one large and one small, so that you can quickly and effectively remove the culprit. They also work wonders on dogs and cats! 

Non-Sting Cleansing Wipes

Our kids freak out anytime I come close to them with a traditional alcohol wipe, because they sting! That is why we includedguaranteed non-sting BZK cleansing wipes in all our SuperKitsGoKits, and MiniKits. When a child is hurt and in crisis mode, a painful sting in their wound is the last thing they (or you) need. With our anti-sting wipes you can rest assured that their wound is being cleaned and treated properly and they can rest assured that their experience will be sting-free!

Stickers and Fun Bandages

Every KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit, especially the KidsKits, include a variety of cool bandages and sweet stickers (aka “bravery badges”). These were an absolute must when designing our First Aid Kits. Through 4 kids and countless injuries, we found that creating a disarming, caring and distracting environment is extremely helpful when treating little ones. Bright, fun colors and kid-friendly characters on both our bandages and stickers offer comfort plus something else to focus on besides their pain. In addition, we made a lot of fun bandage patterns for Moms, too. Check out all our bandages here.


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We put our heart and soul into making these perfect for families. If you haven’t already, I hope you give one of our First Aid Kits for families a try!

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