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June 12, 2021 2 min read

How to Treat a Dreaded Mosquito Bite

Even if you follow all the protocol for your child – bug spray, long sleeve clothing, staying away from standing water – mosquito bites can still happen any time you’re enjoying the great outdoors. When a mosquito bites, it pierces your child’s skin with its mouth to suck up blood.

While this tiny pinprick affects everyone differently, your child is likely to develop a raised red bump that’s itchy, causing the constant need to scratch the area. That’s because the mosquito also pumped a bit of its own saliva into your little one, which can be irritating to their skin.

When they itch the bump, the saliva moves around, triggering more irritation. If your child continues to scratch, it could draw blood. This makes the bite susceptible to infection and could lead to permanent scarring.

If you’re prepared to treat a mosquito bite on the go with your First Aid Kit bag, you’ll stop this awful itchy cycle in its tracks. By whipping out a few items in the KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit, you can quickly relieve the itch and prevent scarring. Here’s how to use your personal First Aid Kit to save the day from a dreaded mosquito bite.

1. Use your Sting Relief Pad

Your KEEP>GOING Kit isn’t just a cute First Aid Kit; it’s also stocked full of useful items to help in any stressful situation. First get out the sting relief medication pad. Have your kid (if two years and older) apply it to the bite to relief the immediate pain. Make sure she doesn't touch her eyes afterwards.

2. Apply anti-itch cream

If the itching persist, pull out the premium hydrocortisone cream and applicator. Use the applicator to apply a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream over the affected area. Your child should feel instant soothing relief from the constant itch.

3. Choose a bandage

If your little one is ready to go back and play, you may need to apply a bandage to the area so the cream stays on the skin and continues to work its magic. A bandage also keeps dirt or other particles from causing more itchiness or irritation around the bite mark. Your compact First Aid Kit has tons of assorted bandages to choose from. Pick the bandage that covers the affected area but still allows for movement.

4. Give a reward

Take advantage of everything your KEEP>GOING travel size First Aid Kit has to offer! If your child is annoyed about a pause in playtime to remedy the bite, your personal First Aid Kit has your back. Hand over a fun and colorful kid’s sticker or two and your little one is sure to forget about the two minutes they were absent from an intense game of tag.

Mosquito bites are irritating but your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag is Designed to Help. With just a few items from this compact First Aid Kit, you can stop the itch, prevent permanent scarring, and send your child back to the playground!