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May 21, 2021 3 min read

As a SuperMom, you probably bring your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit everywhere with you. With this compact First Aid Kit in hand, you know you’re ready for anything and you have the power to save the day from scrapes, bug bites, and bruises.
You wouldn’t be caught dead without your cute First Aid Kit! However, you may need to consider what you keep in your kit before you do one thing: head to the airport. Good news, all items in our First Aid Kits, GoKit and SuperKit, are TSA approved to be carried on to the airplane. Now you just have to do a double check your personal items, you have added to your First Aid Kit.  
You may be ready to take your compact First Aid Kit to new heights, but keep in mind the TSA enforces strict guidelines on the items you can have in your carry-on bag.
Avoid the hassle and delay of being pulled aside in the TSA line! Review these TSA-approved First Aid Kit items so you know you can board the plane with and what you should leave at home.



Airport security generally isn’t worried about any soft items you have in your family First Aid Kit. Before you take your shoes off and head through security, you won’t need to remove:
  • Roller gauze.
  • Gauze pads.
  • First aid roll tape.
      If you have the KEEP>GOING GoKit or SuperKit, your miniature sewing kit should get through the x-ray machine without concern. Airport security allows needlepoint and sewing needles to be stowed in carry-on bags.
      However, if you’ve added a circular cutter or additional sewing tools, you may need to consult with a TSA representative before placing your bag on the belt.



      The most well-known TSA rule is: No liquids! However, you are actually permitted to travel with small quantities of ointments, creams, and liquids, as long as they meet airport security guidelines.
      All liquids you bring must fit in a quart-sized bag and weigh in at 3.4 ounces or less, individually. The small and convenient packets of antibiotic ointments, creams, hand sanitizer, and lip balm included in your KEEP>GOING travel First Aid Kit should pass through TSA without a hitch.
      However, you may want to consider gathering these items and presenting them in a clear self-sealing bag to avoid a potential hassle.



      Sharps tools are a definite no-no for airport security. But the premium tools in your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag are small enough that you generally won’t need to remove them before traveling. Scissors must be 4 inches or smaller to make it through security.
      Tweezers and tick removing tools will pass through security, as long as they’re securely packed. Keep them tucked in your kit and there shouldn’t be an issue. Safety pins are also not flagged as potentially dangerous according to TSA standards, so there’s no need to worry about getting through with these in your bag.
      KEEP>GOING First Aid Kits are Designed to Help, so it’s no wonder you want to bring your favorite kit along for your mile-high ride. With these tips in mind, you can breeze through security with your compact First Aid Kit and head out with everything you need for a fun (and safe) trip!



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