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February 02, 2022 2 min read

We’ve stepped it up a notch; so, come on, SuperMom, it’s time to treat yourself! Our latest product, the KEEP>GOING Deluxe GoKit is ready to knock your socks off. You’ll be the envy of playground moms everywhere when you pull out this luxurious First Aid Kit to treat a nose bleed or bandage a scraped knee.

The compact KEEP>GOING Deluxe First Aid Kit is filled with all the same premium first aid items you need for any situation. However, it truly makes a fashion statement as a useful accessory in your bag, car, or medicine cabinet. Choose your favorite classic solid color and rock your personal style, no matter where you are. Tote this kid friendly First Aid Kit to the playground or theme park. You’ll feel like you’re sporting the most gorgeous designer brand-name wristlet while also knowing you’re prepared for anything.

What gives the KEEP>GOING Deluxe GoKit its glamourous look and feel? Here are just a few ways our newest product stands out from the crowd.

It’s made from Vegan leather.

Sport your KEEP>GOING Deluxe GoKitwith a clear conscious because believe it or not, it’s NOT made from leather. This product is made with 100% animal-friendly vegan leather! Polyurethane leather is one of the hottest new materials in the designer world because it uses no animal products or by-products, making it completely cruelty-free.

Quality isn’t compromised one bit with this material. Polyurethane leather is created with natural materials to mimic the quality, feel, and look of leather without using plastic, which can damage and dull easily. This material also doesn’t absorb water, so it’s easy to clean. If your compact First Aid Kit is involved in a sticky candy debacle or is the victim of an apple juice spill, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and it’ll be good as new.

It comes in classic colors.

You probably never thought your First Aid Kit bag would be the perfect accessory to the outfit you’re wearing to chaperone the 1st grade field trip to the museum, but here it is. Whether you choose classic gray, a hue of blue, or feminine pink, your Deluxe First Aid Kitwill step up your style game. No one will ever guess it’s full of practical and useful first aid items that will bring a smile back to your little one’s face after dealing with a mosquito bite, splinter, or other minor injury.


Deluxe First Aid Kit


It's stocked with premium products.

It’s a new style for KEEP>GOING First Aid Kits, but our Deluxe kit includes the same premium products you’ve come to love and expect from our brand. The GoKit features over 130 useful first aid items hand-picked by real-life nurses and moms, including:

  • Nosebleed plugs
  • A tick remover
  • Assorted bandages
  • Ointments
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • And much more

With assorted colorful stickers and fun patterned bandages, your child will also be impressed with the contents of the Deluxe GoKit.

At KEEP>GOING, we’re always aiming to revolutionize the utilization, organization, and aesthetics of First Aid Kits. And we’ve definitely hit the mark with the new Deluxe GoKit! Express your personal style without compromising functionality. With the Deluxe First Aid Kit as your latest accessory, you’ll be a fashionable SuperMom who puts safety first!


Deluxe First Aid Kits