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January 24, 2022 2 min read

If you’re looking through the contents of your KEEP>GOING SuperKit, you may have stumbled upon the blanket and wondered why we would include such a thing in a medical First Aid Kit bag. This emergency blanket goes by many names and you may hear it also referred to as a space, medical, thermal, or trauma blanket.

These Mylar blankets may look familiar as something you see draped over victims after a car wreck or donned on the shoulders of marathon runners after they race past the finish line. But what do they do exactly? Find out more about this large First Aid Kit item, including when, where, and how to use it!

How it works

An emergency blanket isn’t just made out of Mylar because it looks cool and shiny. This material, officially known as biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BoPET), reflects radiant heat. In non-scientific words, when the emergency blanket is draped around you, it holds in your body’s heat, which may prevent hypothermia and keep your body temperature regulated in a cold environment.

This simple plastic sheet covered in aluminum or another type of metal is also waterproof. And anytime you cover your body in a solid material, you’re also naturally blocking the wind and the chill that usually comes with it.

When to use it

There’s no way to predict when you’ll need to use any of the items in your family First Aid Kit. However, if you’re traveling with children, senior citizens, or relatives with pre-existing health conditions, your emergency blanket may come in handy.

Bodies are known to sometimes physically react to traumatic situations, usually by lowering the body temperature. This may make you shake or tremble and in extreme circumstances, may lead to hypothermia or other severe reactions.

With an emergency blanket, you can comfort and warm the body, calming the physical reaction. This First Aid Kit item may also come in handy if you’re ever stuck in your car in a snow storm, dealing with a power outage in winter, or experiencing a sudden change in temperature while out on a hike.

How to use it

The emergency blanket in your KEEP>GOING big First Aid Kit is easy to use. For the most effective heat, drape it over the shoulders of whoever needs it most in your emergency situation. Senior citizens and small children are generally those who lose heat quickly in freezing temps or traumatic situations, so they should be given top priority.

Allow the person to sit comfortably and relax as you place the blanket around their shoulders and wrap it to the front of their chest. Have them hold the blanket around them and stay calm to combat shaking and keep the body warm.

In emergency situations, warmth is your friend and your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit was Designed to Help! With your shiny emergency blanket, you’ll be the hero as you restore warmth to those who need it most and keep everyone calm.