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November 30, 2020 2 min read

You’ve got bright-colored pens, holiday stickers, stamps, and an assortment of fun cards and envelopes. This year, getting holiday cards ready for the mail is a family affair and you can’t wait to embark on this (new) tradition.

While prepping holiday cards may seem like one of the safest seasonal activities, there’s one little thing that could ruin this family bonding experience. Papercuts!

How could grabbing a piece of paper the wrong way cause so much pain? How could this tiny little cut on your finger make you want to scream in agony? What can you do to make it stop?

Papercuts don’t have to make your holiday card prep session end early. If you’re armed with your Keep>Going First Aid Kit bag and a little knowledge about this common injury, your family holiday card ritual can be saved. Here’s everything you need to know about papercuts.

Why They Hurt So Bad

There’s one surprising reason that papercuts sometimes hurt worse than scrapped knees or bruises: Air. Since a papercut is a very shallow cut on the hand, it doesn’t generally bleed enough to clot.

This leaves that tiny little sliver (and all your nerves) exposed to the air. When air gets into your cut or you move your hand and aggravate the skin, it activates your nerves, sending that pain right through you.

How to Stop the Pain

To stop your nerves from overreacting and causing this pain, prevent your paper cut from getting air exposure. The best way to do this is with the antibiotic ointment in your personal First Aid Kit. A thin layer will keep air out and pain away.

Treating Your Cuts

Once you’ve applied a thin layer of antibiotic ointment from your compact First Aid Kit, apply a bandage that covers the cut. This allows you to move your fingers and hand without worrying about air getting in.

Running low on antibiotic cream? First, order a refill for your First Aid Kit bag. Then, grab the lip balm from that cute First Aid Kit and apply a thin layer to keep the air out. You could also use petroleum jelly or even clear nail polish, as long as the cut isn’t too deep.

Papercuts are a common (and super painful) injury but your Keep>Going First Aid Kit was Designed to Help. Keep the air out with these premium creams or balms and you’ll be ready to keep addressing, signing, and stamping those holiday cards!