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November 18, 2020 2 min read

When the holiday season rolls around, suddenly the kitchen becomes your second home. Between whipping up snacks for the football game, cooking lavish dinners for family gatherings, and baking holiday cookies for neighbors, kids and co-workers, you might clock more hours in your kitchen than in your bed these next few weeks.

With all that time cutting, sautéing, mixing, and baking, you’re likely to encounter a few mishaps along the way. And we don’t mean burning your pumpkin bread. Cuts, bruises, and burns are a distinct possibility in the kitchen. But with your our First Aid Tips and KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit bag, you can treat them quickly and get back to mashing those potatoes.

Here are a few common kitchen injuries you might encounter and their quick and easy remedies, using just the items in your personal First Aid Kit.


If you’re moving fast in the kitchen, you might grab a hot pan, accidentally brush the stove’s burner with your fingers or touch the hot oven when checking on the turkey. As soon as you feel the burn:

  • run the affected area under cool water or apply cool wet compresses.
  • remove clothing, jewelry and other items from the affected area
  • apply antibiotic ointment or burn cream (available in your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit)

With a thin layer, the cream will soothe the burn and protect your skin. If you see a blister, don’t break it and consider taking a pain reliver. Apply a bandage to the wound and you’re ready to get back to re-creating grandma’s famous fruitcake.


If you’re trying to chop veggies in record time like the chefs on Food Network, one little slip could spell disaster. But once you get the bleeding under control with a paper towel and some pressure, a few items from your cute First Aid Kit are all you need.

Apply a bit of antibiotic cream to the cut to prevent infection, then grab the perfect-sized bandage from the array of choices in your kit. Down a swig of wine and pick the knife back up…but chop a little more slowly this time.


Wet, slippery hands and heavy pots and pans are a dangerous combination. Whether you dropped a heavy kitchen tool on your foot or accidentally hip-checked the open silverware drawer, bangs and bruises definitely bring on the pain.

Your KEEP>GOING compact First Aid Kit was Designed to Help. Grab your kit’s ibuprofen and follow the suggested dose. You’ll get quick pain relief and feel ready to tackle something complicated, like a chocolate souffle.

Minor kitchen injuries are more common around the holiday season but you can keep on cooking with help from your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit!


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