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September 26, 2022 2 min read

First Aid Tips for Hand Cuts

Your kitchen table is donned in plastic, with slimy pumpkin guts and seeds sprawled around the edges. After 17 different design consultations with your little one (aka The Boss), the grown up has finally gotten the approval on their rough sketches for the jack-o-lantern.

He steadies his carving knife and begins to make another incision, but those gooey pumpkin innards have made his hand slip. Before you know it, those orange guts are mixed with red blood from Dad’s finger.

It may look like a horror scene but don’t panic! Grab your First Aid bag (like our KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit), and let’s save your pumpkin carving fun.

Step 1: Apply Pressure

If the finger is dripping blood, use a paper towel, tissue, or other dry, clean cloth and apply constant pressure to the area.

Remove a ring or bracelet in order not to impede blood flow and swelling.

Hold the hand above the heart, so the blood slows. Once the bleeding slows, you’re ready to dress the wound.

Step 2: Clean It Up

Your cute personal First Aid Kit isn’t just for looks; it’s ready for action. Clean the cut with warm water and soap or one of the non-sting antiseptic wipes included in our First Aid Kit.

Next grab a triple antibiotic ointment packet and a cotton tip applicator. Use the applicator to place a thin layer of antibiotic ointment on the cut. Your antibiotic ointment is one of the many valuable items in your compact First Aid Kit because it will prevent infection.

Step 3: Wrap It Up

Once the cut is clean, you can bandage it up. Your KEEP>GOINGFirst Aid Kit is small but mighty. Although it’s just a travel-size First Aid Kit, you’ll find several bandages and wrapping choices for any cut or wound.

Take a look at the bloody finger and decide which bandage is best for the situation. You might need a small or large bandage, or if it’s on the knuckle, whip out a knuckle bandage, so he still has range of motion. For larger wounds, consider using gauze and first aid tape to wrap it up.

Step 4: Get Back to Carving

Your KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit saved the day, and you are back in business! What’s left to do now? There’s still a pumpkin to be carved. Get back to the fun, maybe a bit more carefully this time.

If the jack-lantern injury simply won’t stop bleeding, begins to swell, or looks deep, a visit to the ER may be in order.