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September 30, 2022 3 min read

Halloween officially marks the start of the holiday season, in our book. Being a mom during these times can be spooky! From frantic costume changes the morning of October 31st, to baking for 3 separate school parties in the same day, to stressing about buying HOA approved porch decorations, things can get a little crazy this time of year. Dare I say… scary. Fight off the Halloween horrors with our tips, tricks and hacks that will ease the worry and let you hang back, relax, eat a Snickers and ENJOY this holiday.


Be prepared for Trick or Treating:

Picture this. You’re a mile away from your car in the best trick or treating neighborhood when your child falls and scrapes their knee. You don’t have a bandage. Tears fall and panic ensues. The night is ruined. I don’t know about you, but that scenario putsScream to shame for me. Skip the stress when you keep aKEEP>GOING First Aid GoKit with you while you roam the neighborhood in search of sweets. Hang it on your stroller or wagon, off a candy bucket, or around your wrist for an easy access First Aid solution when someone takes a tumble. Patch ‘em up and send them off with a unicorn sticker, to match their unicorn costume. :) 

Easily and gently remove costume makeup: 

The makeup from the Halloween store is no joke. That stuff would stay on forever if you let it! It often leaves you scrubbing your child’s face with a washcloth in a hopeless attempt to remove it all, which is damaging to your child’s face and also stains your linens… no thanks! Use this method to get everything off and soothe their skin at the same time: 

  • Step one: Massage coconut oil into the skin where makeup has been applied to break down the makeup as well as moisturize and calm the skin. 
  • Step two: Wash skin with a gentle cleanser, not scrubbing but rubbing in circles along the area with your fingers. 
  • Step three: Remove any tough, lingering dye stains from the skin with baby oil and a cotton pad.

Pro Tip: For hard to reach, small areas, grab a cotton swab from yourKEEP>GOING GoKit. Out of cotton pads? Gauze from your kit will work just as well. 

Get any post-Halloween candy out of the house:

November through February is prime sweets time with so many large holiday’s lined up. Keep the amount of treats in your home (and at your disposal) at bay by donating unwanted candy after Halloween! We love bringing big bags of it to our local fire station, they really appreciate the gesture! If you want to use it all up in one fell swoop, try making a batch of chocolate chip cookies, but instead of using chocolate chips, substitute chopped up Halloween candy! KitKat cookies? Say no more. 

Pro Tip: If you do choose to donate your candy to a fire station, or even a shelter, consider dropping off a handy KEEP>GOING First Aid Kit while you’re at it! 

Use alternative pumpkin carving/decorating methods:

Sure, carving pumpkins is fun, but it’s also dangerous, especially when kids are involved. Not to mention messy! Instead, consider painting pumpkins with your crew, or even breaking out the craft glue and rhinestones. This is a fun way to get in the spirit without the danger or mess of carving. 

If you’re set on carving pumpkins, get an experienced adult and some power tools involved to make the job easier and quicker! My husband brought out the jigsaw last year, and though my heart was pounding the whole time, they came out great and he got to be SuperDad that day (and everyday). :) If you decide to go this route, please be sure to keep a First Aid Kit nearby and throw in an extra lesson for your kids on how to safely handle sharp objects and power tools. Don’t have one? Grab one here! 

We hope you all have a safe, spooky, but not too scary Halloween! Like this blog? Follow us on Instagram at@keepgoingfirstaid and like us onFacebook for tips and more. Be sure to tag us on social media! 


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