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July 26, 2022 2 min read

When your little one gets hurt, they’re like to turn directly to you to make them feel better fast. As a SuperMom, you’re expected to have all the answers! With the right knowledge and tools, you can save the day and make your child’s pain go away while promoting quick healing.

As you’re focused on treating your child’s injury and reducing pain, one of the most prominent questions you have may be: ice or heat? In the medical world, you may have heard both of these remedies thrown around as ways to reduce pain and inflammation for an injury.

Find out more about ice and heat treatments and what they do. Then, you’ll know whether to pull out your KEEP>GOING Lil’ Chillys ice packs or Lil’ Toastys heatable plush animals the next time your child gets injured.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Ice constricts the blood vessels and numbs the pain. It also reduces inflammation and limits bruising. Pull out your kids ice packs if your child has an acute injury that recently occurred. A bump or bruise should react well to ice, relieving your child of pain and curbing the swelling.

Your Lil’ Chillys cute ice packs may also be helpful if you or your child are suffering from a headache. Placing these cute cold packs on your eyes and forehead may help numb the pain away and stop the throbbing that a migraine can sometimes bring on.

Bring on the Heat

Heat does the opposite of ice. Instead of restricting blood vessels and slowing blood flow, applying heat actually increases blood flow to the area. Stick with your reusable ice packs for injuries that just occurred or look to be swelling or inflamed.

If an injury occurred at least six weeks ago and you just want some soothing relief, apply one of our Lil’ Toastys heatable plush animals for 30 minutes or less to relax the pain away.

When you experience muscle strains or sprains, turn to the cold if you’re dealing with inflammation. However, heat can release tight muscles and improve flexibility so turn up the heat if your muscles simply feel sore and don’t have any active swelling.

Your microwaveable plush animal is also helpful for reducing the pain associated with cramps or stomachaches. Since heat has the ability to relax and soothe your muscles, it can make your stomach pains and cramps less intense.