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July 29, 2022 2 min read

The countdown is officially on for the first day of school! There are mixed reviews about this in our household. As we’ve started to think about school shopping, we realized that something very useful often isn’t an obvious item on most back-to-school shopping lists: First Aid supplies. When a lingering mosquito bite is itching, or a tumble on the playground results in a small scrape, easy access to a bandage or itch cream can be super helpful for children who are old enough. We feel great being able to send our kids out into the world safe and prepared when they’re away from home. Here are some ideas on where you can store your child’sKEEP>GOING First Aid Kit first aid items!

Pencil Box:

A stack of fun, colorfulbandages and stickers fit in seamlessly amongst pens, pencils and erasers! When you’re shopping, make sure that you get a pencil box big enough to hold first aid items that you want your child to carry.Pro tip: Throw some moleskin in there as well. New school shoes can leave painful blisters! You can find moleskin in ourGoKits


The most obvious choice on this list. If your child has a locker or a cubby, they can easily store their

With a variety of patterns, finding one that matches your child’s personality will be easy and fun. It’s helpful to go through all of the items in the kit with them and teach them how to use them! Check out our blog on how toproperly dress a wound for tips!

Clipped onto their backpack:

All of ourKidsKits  andMiniKits andKidsKits have an attached carabiner, making it easy to clip a First Aid Kit to their backpack or sports bag. With so many fun prints to choose from, your child can find the perfect print to match their backpack! If they don’t want something on their backpack, both the MiniKit and the KidsKit are small enough to fitinside a backpack, too. 

With their teacher: 

One of our favorite gifts to give teachers on the first day of school is a compactKEEP>GOING First Aid Kit! We know that the products inside are safe for our kids and will make them smile, provide comfort knowing that their teachers are prepared, and the kit is very useful for the teachers, as well! Did you know we made a print teachers especially love

Ring in the new school year in style (and safety!) with one of our KEEP>GOING First Aid Kits, perfect for educators and students, alike. Like this blog? Follow us on Instagram at@keepgoingfirstaid and like us onFacebook for tips and more. Be sure to tag us on social media in your child’s first day of school pics! 


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