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February 24, 2021 2 min read

Sore muscles can be satisfying after a tough workout or strenuous day at a theme park, chasing after the little ones. But after a day or so of that dull, aching pain, you’re usually ready to move on and conquer the next task without all the agony.

There are a few different ways to help with sore muscles, like massaging, resting or even over the counter pain medication, but we will focus on heat therapy in this article. 

If you’re over these sore muscles reminding you of the five million times you squatted to pick up your toddler yesterday, you may just need a few minutes of heat therapy for some relief. And Keep>Going First Aid Kit’s latest product, Lil’ Toasty, is a cute and cuddly way to get the heat your muscles need to stop screaming at you. Here’s why, when, and how to use your heatable plush animal to relieve dull muscle aches and get ready to tackle your long list of SuperMom tasks sans pain.

Why heat helps with sore muscles: 

So, why does holding an adorable unicorn, sloth, elephant, or koala filled with heated all-natural clay beads against sore muscles help to reduce pain? According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, heat “reduces joint stiffness and muscle spasm, which makes it useful when muscles are tight.” When more blood is brought into the sore area, it helps your joints and muscles relax, curbing that dull pain you get from working way too hard.

When heat helps sore muscles: 

Heat is most effective for sore muscles a few days after you begin experiencing pain. Wait about 48 hours after your tough workout or trip to the trampoline park before you use heat therapy. Directly after you’ve overworked your muscles, they simply won’t be receptive to the soothing and relaxing properties of your heatable plush animal. However, once the soreness has set in, it’s more likely you’ll get some relief from these warm clay beads.

How to use Lil Toasty's for heat therapy:

If you’re ready to use heat therapy to combat your soreness, take your Lil’ Toasty and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. The all-natural clay beads heat up enough to be effective but not too much to burn or cause discomfort to your skin. Hold the heatable plush animal on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat a few times throughout the day, as necessary.

Your muscle soreness is no match for this cute heatable plush animal. Your Lil’ Toasty is Designed to Help and always has your back (or your legs, or your shoulders, or whatever is sore).  Next time you overdo it, don’t suffer in silence. Use heat therapy to relieve that soreness and get back to tackling your massive supermom to-do list.