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March 16, 2021 2 min read

We are SO excited that 2020 has come to a close and we’re sure you are too! If your child is feeding off your excitement for the new year and simply won’t calm down, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed.

As a mom, when you watch your child running circles around the house an hour after bedtime, all you can think about is how early 6 a.m. will feel when your cranky toddler pops out of bed to start the day.

Don’t set yourself up for a miserable morning! Your calming solution may be as simple as a heatable plush animal. KEEP>GOING First Aid’s newest product, Lil’ Toasty, is here to save the day (and night!) with all-natural, non-toxic beads, lavender, and heat. Here’s how these three simple components are bound to put your little one right to sleep.

Beads and Weight

Lil’ Toastys are filled with all-natural clay beads, which not only contain warmth when heated - easily and quickly in the microwave - but also gives these adorable little animals some weight. When a child is anxious or overexcited, sometimes relaxing with a little bit of weight on top of their belly or chest is enough to calm them down.

This is the same reason that weighted blankets have become so popular with adults. According to Penn Medicine, weighted blankets help relax those with anxiety, ADHD, autism, and sleep disorders. Just a few minutes of hanging on the couch with a Lil’ Toasty may be all you need for quiet and calm.


Lil’ Toasty heatable plush animal are also filled with real French lavender. This fabulous smell is proven to contribute to calmness, stillness, and sleepiness. The soothing scent of lavender combats anxiety and encourages a regular sleep pattern. And what’s better than a child who’s had a full night of high-quality sleep? Encourage your child to take some deep breath while they cuddle with a cute Lil’ Toasty unicorn, elephant, sloth, or koala, and watch as their eyes start to get heavy.


Not only does the weight and lavender work to calm your child, the heat also contributes to your child’s relaxation. Heat therapy helps with upset bellies and other ailments and a warm Lil’ Toasty is also your secret weapon for a noncombative bedtime routine. Pop this cute heatable plush animal in the microwave for a few seconds, then hand it over to your child for a sweet hug and they’re sure to relax right away.

Looking for a few quiet minutes before bedtime to transition your child into a peaceful sleep? Lil’ Toastys are Designed to Help and will quickly become your family’s favorite nightly ritual.