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November 29, 2022 3 min read

It’s the most wonderful timeeee of the year! 🎶 Kids are on break, family and friends are near and energy is high. From snow day play sessions to family craft nights, there are tons of fun activities for the whole family, and most of them would benefit from having a First Aid Kit on hand! Here are a few of our favorite holiday pastimes and why we bring our kit along with us: 


Perhaps the most obvious item on this list, sledding can be dangerous! Metal toboggans, high speeds towards trees, tumbles down the hill, the opportunity for an accident is abundant. Bring along aKEEP>GOING SuperKit to be safe. This big kit has all of your everyday wound essentials and emergency items like a triangle bandage in case of an arm break or sprain, an emergency blanket in case of hypothermia, and an ice pack in case of a bump or bruise. For more tips on cold weather injuries, check outthis blog!

Cookie Baking

When making family memories in the kitchen, minor hot cookie sheet burns, cuts from a cookie cutter to bumps and scrapes from a tumble on a slippery floor, can easily happen. TheKEEP>GOING GoKit has a fix for it all. Fun bandages, gauze, tape, burn relief cream, and more, and not to mention it also comes with a variety of fun stickers to keep the smiles rolling until the last cookie is iced! Read our tips to treat common kitchen injurieshere!

Wrapping Gifts

Paper, scissors, kids eager to help… What could go wrong?! Paper and scissor cuts are super painful and can turn a festive wrapping sesh into a meltdown, but you can save the day when you keep yourKEEP>GOING MiniKit close by! You’ll find what you need to clean the wound, treat it with a topical antibiotic and cover it in style with various fun pattern bandages to choose from. As always, this kit is stocked with fun stickers to brighten your little trooper’s day. 


Jumping on the bed with the cousins, wrestling, running in the house, and horsing around is part of the fun when you get a group of kids together for a holiday gathering! Keep aFirst Aid Kiton hand in case of a bump, bruise, jammed finger, scrape, or emergency injury. Read our roughhousing injury care tipshere!

Airline Travel

A blister from walking through extensive terminals or paper cut on the plane can turn an already stressful day of travel into a nightmare. Plus, you’ll want to have a First Aid Kit on hand when you reach your destination! Luckily, ourFirst Aid GoKits are TSA-compliant and small enough to fit in your carry-on without adding any bulk! Have one of our other kits? Don’t worry; those won’t get flagged either! All of our tools and ointments are smaller than the limits set by TSA. 

Wherever you go and whatever you do this holiday season, we hope you and your family stay safe, prepared, and happy! Like this blog? Follow us on Instagram at@keepgoingfirstaid and like us onFacebook for tips and more. 🎄

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Antje & The Pepper Family