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October 26, 2020 2 min read

Even though it is 2020, you might still be galivanting around the neighborhood, visiting stores in your local mall, or "trunk-or-treating" in your church’s parking lot and your family’s Halloween is bound to be tons of fun.

The only thing that could screw up this sugar-fueled night is a wardrobe malfunction. And with your kids in an outfit they wore a few Halloweens ago, a costume mishap is very likely.

Be prepared for anything on these trick-or-treating adventures by bringing along your Keep>Going First Aid Kit bag. This personal First Aid Kit doesn’t just save the day when it comes to playground injuries, it’s also Designed to Help for outside-the-box situations, like clothing malfunctions.

Here are just a few costume mishaps you might face on Halloween night and how your cute First Aid Kit can come to the rescue.

A Busted Zipper

Your little one is simply not so little anymore but you thought maybe they could squeeze into that Batman costume one more time. After one too many Kit-Kats, the zipper simply had enough. But your compact First Aid Kit has the answer to that busted zipper.
Grab the safety pins from your kit and carefully pin the material together. Place each pin about four to five inches away. Be ready for an extra-long potty break before the night is over but your child will be stoked to continue trick-or-treating in their favorite costume!

A Long Hem

If your child changed their mind about their costume 454,781 times before Halloween night, you may have found yourself scrambling to make their trick-or-treating dreams come true. You’re stuck with the last costume on the rack that’s two sizes too big.
If you’re already out and about, have no fear. Pull out that mini sewing kit in your travel size First Aid Kit and get to work. Use the safety pins to straighten the hem and a simple stitch to hold it up. With an adjusted hem, your child will have a great night playing with friends.

An Annoying Face Mask

Your little one fell in love with a tiger mask at the Halloween store and you didn’t have the heart to tell them how uncomfortable it would be. Now you’re six minutes into trick-or-treating and that mask is ruining the night.
The scissors in your Keep>Going First Aid Kit bag will solve that problem in three snips! Once your child can breathe and see, they’ll be so excited for all the candy in their bag.
On a frightening night like Halloween, anything can go wrong. But with your compact First Aid Kit in tow, you’ll be ready to fix any costume mishap!
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