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November 04, 2020 2 min read

Temperatures are dropping and it’s time to get excited about hot cocoa, flickering fireplaces, and cozy sweaters. As a mom, you may also be thinking about all the ways cold weather can ruin a fun day outside with the kids.

Annoying Chapped Lips

The cold winter air can quickly cause dry, chapped, and peeling lips. If your child is pouting instead of playing due to painful chapped lips, it’s nothing your Keep>Going compact First Aid Kit can’t handle.

Apply a dab of the premium lip balm included in your kit and your child’s lips will be good as new and protected against chilly winds and colder temps.

Painful Dry Hands

This premium lip balm isn’t just for chapped lips. If the cold is also affecting your child’s hands, this product will be your lifesaver once again. In windy, cold, and dry conditions, exposed hands can easily become dry and cracked, making it tough to enjoy the swings or a game of tag.

Apply a thin coat of lip balm from your travel First Aid Kit directly on your child’s knuckles and fingers to relieve the dryness. Before you know it, they’ll be back to laughing and yelling “Tag, you’re it!” without a care in the world.

In case of small cracks there are also plenty of bandages in your kit.

Minor Sledding Injuries

Sledding is one of the most exciting winter activities but by no means is it the safest. If your child took a tumble and bumped their head, it can be traumatic. Hugs will help but your Keep>Going First Aid Kit bag has just what you need to truly stop the tears.

Fun and colorful stickers are the perfect distraction from the temporary pain of a bonked head. Hand over a sticker or two and soon your child will be running back up the hill with their sled in tow.

If you are worried that it is more than a little bump... follow this link to the CDC's guideline on signs and symptoms of a concussion. 


Don’t let the inconveniences of winter get you down. Enjoy your outdoor time this season and remember: your Keep>Going First Aid Kit was Designed to Help!

With your personal First Aid Kit tucked in your jacket pocket, you’re prepared for anything the bitter (or mild) winter throws at you. These are just a few instances where this cute First Aid Kit will come to your rescue this season.